Letters to the Editor

Last chance for preserve

A 33-acre tract of woods along the Braden River is about to be devastated so that a subdivision can be built.

The development has already been approved but the owner is willing to sell the property if the purchase amount ($3 million) can be raised by the end of March. This is a rare opportunity — usually there is no recourse when a developer owns land. If you are dismayed by the loss of green space, too much traffic, or over-development, now is your chance to act.

The impact of development would be devastating and enduring: the eradication of a beautiful wild tract of land in the Evers Watershed (Bradenton’s water supply).

On March 6 the Manatee County Commission will decide whether to purchase the property through a special ad-valorem tax in the surrounding communities, but there is strong opposition to this approach and the outcome is unpredictable. Email the commissioners indicating your support for the Preserve.

Consider making a donation toward the purchase; lowering the amount needed will improve the chances for passage of the special assessment. If the taxing unit proposal fails, your contribution will be the last hope for preserving this natural habitat. The well-respected Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast is collecting the funds.

This last best spot on the Braden River must be preserved.

To learn more, visit www.bradenriverpreserve.org.

Gary Hebert, president

Friends of Keep Woods Inc.