Letters to the Editor

Probstfeld is right to oppose college bill

President Probstfeld’s opposition to the College Competitive Act of 2018 is right on point. Local leadership and control is what has been and continues to be the primary reason as to why the Florida College System is considered to be one of the best systems in the country.

I served as legal counsel for Manatee Junior College, Manatee Community College and the State College of Florida from 1970 through 2010 (40 years and five presidents). Serving in this position provided me with a very broad and long-term view as to how the current system best serves the communities in which of the each of the Florida colleges is located.

In the case of MJC, MCC, SCF, local control permitted the evolutionary growth of the college’s service area: first Manatee and Sarasota; next the Venice campus, then the Lakewood Ranch campus, and now, the future Parrish campus. In addition, it permitted the development of four-year baccalaureate degrees needed in the community.

Any change which would reduce the ability of the members of the Florida College System to continually determine and meet the needs of their respective communities would be a disservice to the entire State.

Greg Porges