Letters to the Editor

Vote ‘No’ in March special election

Before voting on March 20 to increase Manatee School District’s millage, you need to do some research. Comparing Manatee School District to Sarasota School District is like comparing apples to oranges.

Let’s review how both school district’s financial departments handle the school’s finances?

1. It was reported by Manatee School’s Volunteer Audit Committee that Manatee School District had been fined by the IRS for not paying their payroll taxes on time, thus incurring significant penalties.

Have you read anything about Sarasota being fined by the IRS?

2. At the Manatee School Board meeting the Volunteer Audit Committee announced the school district’s finance department were unable to reconcile the district’s bank statements for 11 months blaming it on a “glitch and the hurricane.” It’s like saying “My dog ate my homework.” Why didn’t Mr. Ciranna, Manatee’s Deputy Superintendent of Business Service recommend doing it the old way, by hand, when the “glitch” was discovered?

Have you read or heard Sarasota School District having financial problems like Manatee School District?

If Manatee School District can’t manage simple business financial practices than why give them more of your hard earn money for them to continue to waste?

Vote ‘No’ in the March 20 special election.

Peggy Martin