Gov. Rick Scott keeps handing comics material -- and the nation laughs

Gov. Rick Scott stuck a finger in a socket and shocked the nation with his unwritten policy about two seemingly harmless phrases. State employees shall not utter either "climate change" or "global warming." Or "sustainabilty."

Florida is once again the laughingstock of the nation with comics, pundits and cartoonists all lampooning our governor.

Though Scott denies any such policy, the evidence says otherwise.

The governor's stock answer to questions about climate change is one simple phrase: "I'm not a scientist."

Enlightened Republicans now concede the existence of manmade climate change once the scientific evidence became overwhelming and the vast majority of researchers agree.

Comedian Larry Wilmore cracked wise on his "The Nightly Show" on Comedy Central this week: "Can't we just ban the term 'Rick Scott'?"

This only fuels the Sunshine State's growing reputation as the Silly State -- where laughs come easily and often.