A real, authentic slogan to attract visitors to Manatee County

We've got a new slogan, a simple three-word branding gimmick that has a certain appeal: "Real. Authentic. Florida."

Well, that we are. The Old Florida vibe can be found everywhere in Manatee County. The historic fishing village of Cortez. Jigg's Landing. City Pier in Anna Maria. The nearby Rod & Reel Pier. An almost entirely low-rise Anna Maria Island, quite different from most waterfront and island communities in the state lined with high-rise condo and resort buildings. Robinson Preserve. Emerson Point.

We could go on, of course, but the picture's crystal clear. Manatee County has a lot of real, authentic Florida to boast about.

The Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau unveiled the new marketing brand last week alongside a new logo and fresh website, earning a standing ovation from the crowd at the newly renovated Bradenton Area Convention Center in Palmetto.

While one of our Herald colleagues poked some fun at the redundancy in the words "real" and "authentic" in a Sunday column, we figure that repetition is quite acceptable. The slogan paints a picture unlike most other places.