Generator safety tips

 Read labels and follow instructions in the owner's manual.

 Use portable generators outside only, away from the house. Also keep the generator away from vents, windows and doors -- including those of neighbors.

 Install CO (carbon monoxide) alarms with battery backup in the home, near sleeping areas.

 Turn off all connected appliances before starting your generator.

 Turn connected appliances on one at a time, never exceeding the generator's rated wattage.

 Start the largest electric appliance first, then plug in other items, one at a time.

 Ground the generator to avoid accidental electrical shock.

 Use appropriate extension cords. Use a larger gauge three-wire, three-prong cord when using an appliance or tool a distance away.

 Don't refuel a generator that is running or hot.

 Don't touch a generator if you are wet or are standing in water or on damp ground.

Sources: Florida Power and Light, and Consumer Product Safety Commission