Working with contractors: avoiding scams

Be sure the business hired to install a generator is reputable and responsible.

Verify that a contractor holds a valid license for work in the specific trade. For work in Broward County or Miami-Dade County, a contractor should hold a license from the specific county or from the state of Florida.

 Broward County Contractor Licensing and Enforcement, 954-765-4400,

 Miami-Dade County office of Building Code Compliance, 311, or 311.

 Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation 954-917-1330.

Other tips for hiring a contractor:

 Avoid contractors who require large payments before doing the work. The payments should reflect approximately the work that's been done.

 Avoid paying in cash. A check, written to the business contracted to do the work, offers a record.

 Be wary if the contractor requests that the resident obtain a permit. A licensed contractor in good standing should obtain the permits.

 Request that a proposal, contract or agreement be submitted in writing.

 Do not sign a completion certificate, until all the work is completed according to the contract, your satisfaction and all required inspections and approvals from the appropriate building department.

Sources: Broward County Building Code Services Division Contractor and Licensing Enforcement