Securing your mobile home before the storm

Anchors with reinforced straps are a necessary part of all new and used mobile and manufactured homes. Without a proper tie-down system, homes are less resistant to high winds during a hurricane. Mobile-home owners need to take the necessary precautions to ensure that their home is properly secured to reduce possible damage tot heir home and to neighboring property.

About the anchor system

A closer view: The ground anchor system

Straps are inserted into slotted bolts and the nuts are tightened with a socket wrench.

The ground anchor stabilizer plate measures 180 square inches and is installed snug against the anchor's shaft.

The surface of a ground anchor should never be painted. Minimum length for use in Florida is 4 feet.

Only an installer who is licensed by the Bureau of Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Construction should install and conduct safety inspections of the anchoring systems.

For more information about mobile home installation, contact the Bureau of Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Construction at (850) 413-7600.

Safety tips

 Check for loose straps

 Make sure straps are properly aligned and not at an angle

 Verify that ground anchors and stabilizer plates have been installed properly

 Be sure support piers are in contact with the frame

 Replace straps or ground anchors that show signs of damage