Hurricane Jerry is Tropical Storm Jerry again. And that’s what it might be in Bermuda

Jerry stopped being Hurricane Jerry Saturday morning. And, it might never be again.

The tropical cyclone’s sustained winds weakened to 65 mph and remain there according to the National Hurricane Center’s 11 p.m. Saturday advisory, meaning it’s back to being Tropical Storm Jerry.

The forecast states “the risk of tropical-storm-force winds on the Bermuda is increasing, with Jerry forecast to pass near the island Tuesday and Wednesday.”

It’s moving northwest at 15 mph, about 575 miles south of Bermuda.

Swells generated by Jerry are affecting Puerto Rico and the northern Leeward Islands. Deadly surf and rip current conditions are expected.

On the forecast track, “a turn toward the north-northwest and north is expected Sunday and Monday, followed by a turn toward the northeast late Tuesday,” the NHC’s public advisory said.

The center of Jerry is expected to pass near Bermuda late Tuesday.

No watches or warnings are in effect yet. The tropical storm winds can be felt 80 miles from Jerry’s center.

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