Tips for constructing a hurricane kit

Hurricane season begins today. Here is a checklist of what you should have on hand during a bad storm. It can be difficult to find some of these items immediately prior to a hurricane due to high demand, so it is best to begin preparing a hurricane kit early.

▪ Bottled water

▪ Battery-operated radio

▪ Extra batteries

▪ Ear phone for the radio

▪ Flashlight

▪ Florida state road map

▪ Dry (powder) beverages

▪ First aid kit

▪ Medication for 30 days

▪ Personal phone book

▪ Toiletries

▪ Baby food

▪ Non-perishable (can) foods

▪ Plastic eating utensils

▪ Extra work clothing

▪ Personal hygiene items

▪ Bedding material

▪ Pillows

▪ Playing cards

▪ Magazines and books

▪ Items for young children

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