Someone shot up a Lamborghini on highway — but the driver knew what to do next

Someone shot up a Lamborghini on the Palmetto Expressway.
Someone shot up a Lamborghini on the Palmetto Expressway.

A driver with glass in his eyes, a shot-out driver’s side window and bullet holes in his orange Lamborghini pulled into Jackson Memorial Hospital’s emergency room parking lot in Thursday’s first hours.

Here’s the story he told Florida Highway Patrol:

After leaving a nightclub in the 6800 block of West Flagler Street with his girlfriend, he headed to eastbound State Road 836, the Dolphin Expressway. Taking the sweeping right curve got more perilous — not because he punched the gas on the high-performance car, but because a white SUV pulled up on his left with passengers shooting away.

The Lamborghini driver told troopers he heard three to five shots. Then the SUV, which the Lam driver thought might have been a Nissan Murano, cut him off and stopped.

Despite slivers of driver’s side window glass in his eyes impairing his vision, he made use of the Lamborghini’s nimble nature by jamming it into reverse and zooming around the shooters’ SUV.

He drove himself to Jackson where he met with the FHP. A trooper noticed injuries only to the eyes of the driver from the flying glass. His girlfriend was unharmed.

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