Police arrest Broward County woman after hoax bomb threat at mosque


Police arrested a Broward County woman Sunday night after they say she threatened a Sunrise mosque with a hoax bomb.

At about 5 p.m., Sunrise police arrived at the Islamic Foundation of South Florida, 5455 NW 108th Ave., after someone inside the mosque called to report Irina Bihary, 40. Two people told police they saw her walk into a prayer room where she removed a cellphone with an exposed battery and an object wrapped in a brown paper bag, according to a police report.

When the two people spoke with Bihary, she began asking them questions about the upcoming prayer service before telling them that they all were going to die.

“I can’t stand this place,” she told them, according to the report. “I can’t wait to knock it down.”

“I don’t care if we all die here today and if everything blows up ... we are all going to die anyways.”

As police were arriving, Bihary tried to leave the parking lot in her 2006 Mitsubishi. Police stopped her just inside the parking lot exit.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad, a Sunrise police dog, FBI agents and an Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms agent evacuated the mosque before searching Bihary’s car and the mosque and found the brown paper bag in the car, but not the cellphone, according to the report.

Bihary told police that the members of the mosque are all “money-sucking parasites,” accusing them of not being true Muslims and killing her husband, according to the report. While in the back of a police car, she began kicking the car’s back door and eventually bent the entire door frame outward. The damage is expected to be at least $1,200.

Bihary was taken into custody brought to the Florida Medical Center for a psychological evaluation, according to the report.

The incident occurred hours before mosque members gathered to end their daily fast for Ramadan at sunset.