In joyride to Animal Control, Florida man tosses around carcasses, cops say


Miami Herald

Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

If you don’t touch or threaten to touch a single human being or commit a Florida-sized amount of white-collar crime, what do you have to be accused of doing to sit in a county jail on $145,000 bond?

This: Steal a county vehicle from the impound. Get involved in a hit-and-run. Break into the local Animal Control office. Spray fire extinguishers.

And spread dead animal bodies all over the floor.

That’s why Julian Gonzalez, 23, of Orlando now lays his head in the Indian River County jail, according to a Vero News report and the county's arrest and inmate informaton.

When the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office arrested Gonzalez April 19, he got charged with felony grand theft auto ($50,000 bond); misdemeanor arrest without violence ($5,000); driving without a driver’s license ($5,000); misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident with property damage ($5,000); felony fleeing and eluding law enforcement ($20,000); felony burglary of a structure ($35,000); four counts of felony preventing a fire fighter from extinguishing a fire ($5,000 each, $20,000 total); and misdemeanor criminal mischief damage between $200 and $1,000 ($5,000).

If Gonazlez covers all of that, he’ll get released on his own recognizance for the misdemeanor refusal to submit to testing and the misdemeanor driving under the influence.

A CBS12 report says Gonzalez began his odyssey by stealing a county vehicle from the impound. The Vero News report described it as a white truck.

He allegedly dropped by Animal Control. Later that morning, the Vero report says, the manager found several fire extinguishers used, their white powder on the floor along with the frozen carcasses of several animals.

Between Gonzalez’s alleged visit and the manager discovering the mess in Animal Control, a hit-and-run involving a white truck had been reported. The arrest report says law enforcement found the truck rolling weaving across lanes.

After getting Gonzalez to stop and forcibly removing him from the truck via the window, he was put under arrest. Later, his shoe prints were identified as being the ones in the fire extinguisher dust.