Body of teenage boy whose family died in Florida plane crash recovered

The body of a teenage boy whose family died in a plane crash in Lake Wales has been recovered, Sheriff Grady Judd confirmed at a news conference Friday afternoon.

The body is believed to be that of 13-year-old Boston Bramlage. Sheriff Judd said positive identification still has to be made.

Meanwhile, NTSB investigators to investigate the plane crash in Lake Wales that killed the Kansas family.

The bodies of pilot Ronald Bramlage, 45, his wife Rebecca, 43, and three of their four children were located in Tiger Creek Swamp area of rural eastern Polk County. Investigators are still searching for the missing child who was seen getting on the plane when it left St Lucie County Airport on its way to Kansas. He is believed to have been ejected from the plane before it hit the ground.

Officials from Kansas State University say the namesake of the school's Bramlage Coliseum arena is named for the victim's father, Fred. Ronald Bramlage was a known philanthropist in the state and his wife was a school board president.

According to Senior Air Safety Investigator Tim Monville, from NTSB, there is still limited information about what led to the crash.

He says what they do know is that at some point, the aircraft was an altitude of 25,100 feet. They had been in contact with Miami Air Traffic Control Center but at some point it was lost from the radar and from radio communication.

Monville said the pilot of another aircraft heard a mayday from the aircraft but the call did not indicate the specific emergency.

A distress beacon signal was heard and the aircraft was located in Lake Wales a short time after that.

There is evidence of structural separation, but, according to Monville, they do not know if the structural seaparation is resultant of another event that preceeded it. Currently, Monville says about 6 feet of the right wing is currently missing.

NTSB investigators say they plan to collect the pieces of the aircraft and reconstruct it at another location as part of their investigation into the cause of the accident.

A witness called 911 after seeing the plane go down Thursday.

Investigators believe the boy may have come out of the plane while it was breaking up in the air.

Emergency crews had to be lowered to the crash site by a sheriff's office helicopter. Officials said equipment became stuck trying to get back to the crash site in the rugged area the plane went down.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd advises residents in the area not to pick up any of the plane's debris that they may found.