Scaling fences, dodging cars, leaping in the air: We think gators may have superpowers

If you have lived in Florida long enough, and seen enough alligators in action, you may start to think these apex predators have superpowers.

Let’s just safely agree that alligators do a lot more than hang out in the swamp and search for prey. Thankfully, many of them have been caught in action on video for our “That’s So Florida, Man” show.

They casually walk through busy intersections, emerging unscathed.

They nimbly scale fences.

They even can fly (onto airboats) without breaking a sweat.

It may be easier for humans to come to grips with these scaly beasts doing “un-gatory” things if they’re in their natural habitat.

But what if a gator tries to take a dip in your pool?

Or barges into your home?

Or interrupts your golf game?

Some players just carry on with their swing.

Alligators aren’t the only stars of wild happenings around the Sunshine State.

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