He said no one was going to tell him how to raise his kids. Then he got arrested

Scott Willand Alino
Scott Willand Alino Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Scott Willand Alino told Florida Keys police he didn’t need anyone telling him how to raise his kids.

Shortly after that statement, Monroe sheriff’s deputies arrested Alino, 47, of Bricktown, New Jersey, on felony child neglect. Witnesses said they saw him with his hands around his 9-year-old daughter’s throat outside a Stock Island restaurant on Tuesday night.

A man called 911 after he confronted Alino about the way he was treating the little girl, police said, adding he was afraid the child was losing consciousness from her father’s grip.

During the confrontation, the girl broke free from her father and ran back inside the Hogfish Bar and Grill, 6810 Front St. on Stock Island, while Alino threatened the man who had approached them, police said.

The girl’s neck was red, deputies noted. Her father said he was disciplining her.

Alino said she was misbehaving and that he had placed his hand on her shoulder and neck area, “adding that he didn’t need anyone telling him how to raise his children,” said Adam Linhardt, the sheriff’s office spokesman.

Three people in the restaurant said they saw Alino drag the girl out of the Hogfish and choke her in the parking lot.

Security camera footage shows Alino dragging the girl outside and putting his hands around the girl’s neck, police said. The footage also shows a man confronting him and the girl running away.

Deputies notified the state Department of Children and Families of the incident.