These two male alligators were in the mood. Watch them on the prowl in the Everglades

A walk in Shark Valley in Everglades National Park took a scary turn for one Florida man.

Nature enthusiast Josh Boyd with the handle @imjoshboyd posted a video on Instagram after spotting an alligator in the water just feet from the walking path.

The Weston resident pulled out his camera and began to shoot the beast emitting what seems to be a “Jurassic Park” style growl. The camera then pans to a nearby gator bobbing up and down in the water, making a similar noise.

Next to the video the caption reads, “This large male gator was telling me to stay out of his territory since it’s mating season. Then a neighboring gator thought he should respond.”

Zoo Miami’s wildlife expert Ron Magill, who reviewed the video, confirmed to the Miami Herald that these were indeed two male gators in the clip.

“They were bellowing to announce territory and solicit females!” he wrote in an email. “ This will go on through April.”

Bellowing is the term used for the noise male gators make when warding off fellow males and attracting a mate, says Magill. It sounds like a growl, but it’s not, he said.

Still, it was apparently enough to make Boyd back off into safer territory on Monday.

“I’m just glad I could share my encounter with others,” Boyd told the Miami Herald. “This was a rare sight and an experience I’ll likely never get again.”

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