Tourist demands cop photograph her butt after slap at clothing-optional bar

The Bull and Whistle bar on Duval Street.
The Bull and Whistle bar on Duval Street. Flickr

A drunken Miami Beach tourist who claimed a bouncer smacked her buttocks at a clothing-optional bar on Duval Street demanded a Key West police officer photograph her alleged injury inside a restroom, reports state.

So he did.

“Without prompting she lifted her dress, pulled her underwear down to her knees and bent over at the waist,” wrote Officer Antonio Avrelio Ane about the 1 a.m. Nov. 20 incident. “I told [the woman] to pull her underwear up however she ignored me and left her underwear around her knees.”

Ane said he had to yell at Meieli Sawyer, 20, who was in town with Hayden Bean, 45, to get her to put her clothes back on as they stood inside the restroom at the Bull and Whistle bar, 224 Duval St.

“Sawyer stood up and was upset that I yelled at her,” the report states. “Sawyer then demanded that she be taken to the police station.”

Asked by the officer why she needed to go to the police station, Sawyer said she didn’t know but “she felt that she was supposed to do that,” Ane wrote.

The report of the Nov. 20 incident was released in a batch of reports Nov. 28 by Key West police.

Sawyer and Bean had called police earlier to report a bouncer at the rooftop Garden of Eden, a clothing-optional bar above the Bull and Whistle, had smacked Sawyer’s rear end. Both smelled of booze and had bloodshot eyes, police said.

But the bouncer, Leroy Stanley, said he had only slapped Bean’s hand away from Sawyer’s buttocks because touching or sexual acts at the Garden of Eden are forbidden, police said.

Bean touched the woman’s rear again after being warned, the bouncer said, and that’s when he slapped at Bean’s hand.

When told by police there would be no arrest of any bar staff, Bean reportedly asked, “Is this a police state?” while Sawyer said she didn’t want the bouncer to go to jail but she wanted more to be done, according to the incident report.

That’s when Ane told her he could photograph her for possible injuries, his report states. They were on Duval Street at the time so the officer, along with Officer T. Gillespie, and the couple went into the Bull’s restroom.

Inside the restroom, Bean began recording the officers with his cellphone and Ane said he didn’t have to take any photos and the incident would still be documented. That’s when Sawyer abruptly disrobed.

Ane left her with a business card.

Gwen Filosa: @KeyWestGwen