Inside this secret storage unit, the FBI found 23,000 iPhones


Investigators say they know what happened to a cargo trailer that disappeared from Miami International Airport with 23,000 iPhones inside.

Authorities said five men hatched a plot — complete with a fake ID and secret storage unit — to steal and resell more than $6.7 million dollars worth of phones.

The FBI arrested five men at their homes Monday for the thefts: Yoan Perez, 33; Rodolfo Urra, 36; Misael Cabrera, 37; Rasiel Perez, 45; Eloy Garcia, 42.

According to an indictment, one of the men used a fake ID, doctored up a trailer to look like it came from another business and drove off the airport lot with $6.7 million of Apple iPhones on April 2. The thieves stored the stolen goods in rental storage units.

They waited and sold off the phones slowly. On May 25, the men sold 100 of the phones for $12,500. A month later, another 80. They picked up the pace afterward, unloading 90 a week later, then 50 more four days later.

In total, they managed to sell 600 cellphones before they were caught. Now they face counts of conspiracy to steal goods from an interstate or foreign shipment, theft, possession and conspiracy to to receive said goods.

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