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Govenor ‘impressed’ with Sarasota oil-eating bacteria

SARASOTA — Gov. Charlie Crist, visiting Sarasota-based Osprey Biotechnics today, said he was “very impressed” with the oil-eating bacteria produced by the company.

Crist met with Osprey Biotechnics’ executive team for about 40 minutes to discuss its product Munox, a bacteria that degrades petroleum.

Secretary Mike Sole, of the Department of Environmental Protection, has a conference call with Osprey this afternoon and will give Crist a briefing later today. Sole is a scientist, Crist said, and he wants his imput before promoting the bacteria for use in the Gulf oil spill.

Crist said he may talk to President Obama about the product during his next weekly conference call with the White House.

Since the BP oil spill April 20, Osprey Biotechnics officials have been working to get Munox applied to oil-contaminated water and sand in the Gulf of Mexico.

Unified Command has yet to evaluate and review the company’s product solution application to determine whether Munox is feasible in treating the oil spill.

CNN interviewed Osprey Biotechnics officials Tuesday.

Munox consumes oil, digests it and breaks it down to harmless substances such as water and minute amounts of carbon dioxide, according to company officials.

Osprey estimates that 55 gallons of Munox would treat 36.5 square miles of water in the Gulf of Mexico, and a little more than 100 of the 55 gallons would treat 4,000 square miles.

Company officials say they have enough inventory on site to make hundreds of thousands of gallons.