Special Reports

Gov. Crist to visit Sarasota business

SARASOTA — Gov. Charlie Crist will meet with Osprey Biotechnics officials today to learn more about the Sarasota company’s oil-eating bacteria.

The governor plans to meet with the executive team of the Sarasota-based company to discuss Munox, a bacteria produced by the firm that consumes oil, digests it and breaks it down to harmless substances such as water and minute amounts of carbon dioxide.

“We’re hoping that the governor will have an opportunity to learn more about the Munox technology for petroleum degradation and be in a position to confidentially discuss Osprey Biotechnics as a bonifide, innovative and practical solution to help mitigate some of the oil disaster mess,” said Victoria Finley, vice president of business development.

This will be the governor’s first visit to a Florida business that has a product or technology that can assist in the oil spill, said Sterling Ivey, Crist’s press secretary.

“As far as I know he hasn’t been to any other business,” Ivey said.

Lauren Danielson, chief executive officer and president of Osprey Biotechnics, will also be present for the governor’s visit that also will include a tour of the manufacturing facility.

Since the BP oil spill April 20, Osprey Biotechnics has been attempting to make government officials, state agencies, Unified Command and BP aware of Munox and its capabilities to contaminated water and sand in the Gulf of Mexico.