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A look at the day’s developments

Wednesday’s developments

n At a hearing in Washington, outraged lawmakers focused on a series of failures, including why the blowout preventer — what was supposed to be a failsafe device — didn’t work properly.

n At BP America’s Houston headquarters, two of President Barack Obama’s Cabinet secretaries met with industry officials and scientific experts as the government tapped additional brainpower to stop the leak spewing an estimated 210,000 gallons a day into the Gulf.

n In Kenner, La., Coast Guard inspectors said the regulations for offshore drilling rigs have not kept up with advancing technology. Most regulations date back to 1978, when drilling was closer to the coastlines and not as complex.

n The White House asked Congress to take up a $118 million oil spill response package, which includes a proposal to lift the current $75 million cap on liability for responsible parties — in this case, BP.

n As early as Thursday, BP officials and experts will decide on the next best option to try and contain some of the oil leaking from pipe. Among the primary options: a “top hat” containment dome — four feet in diameter and five feet tall — to be placed over one of the leaks; or a riser insertion tube to be put in the leaking pipe and attached to a waiting ship.

n Coast Guard Rear Adm. Mary Landry said that tar balls found onshore in Dauphin Island, Ala., last weekend had been tested and did appear to be from the BP oil spill. She said blobs of oil had also washed ashore on Whiskey Island, La. — the most westward point where oil had been reported — and that crews had quickly cleaned it up.

— McClatchy Tribune