Special Reports

Q&A: How the oil spill affects you

Q: Is it safe to visit the beach?

A: Currently, it is safe to swim in our Gulf waters and to be on the beach.

Q: Can you eat seafood in your local restaurants?

A: Absolutely. There should be no health risk in seafood currently in the marketplace. And restaurants will not purchase or sell any seafood that may be contaminated by the oil spill.

Q: Can you still go fishing?

A: Currently, fishing is safe. The NOAA is enacting emergency regulations to close a portion of the Gulf of Mexico Exclusive Economic Zone to all fishing but at this point that closure is in effect for 10 days and extends only to waters off the coast of Pensacola. If oil enters our shores, fishing will become prohibited in the oil spill-affected waters.

Q: Do we have a countywide cancellation policy?

A: The Bradenton Area CVB recommends instituting a cancellation policy similar to your hurricane policies already in place. We recommend that you encourage guests to wait on canceling until closer to their travel dates. And we recommend that you offer a voucher for a return visit sometime in the next 12 months or offer for them to maintain their travel dates and visit at a discounted rate.