State Politics

Corporate sponsors for state nature trails in Florida?

Is there a Pepsi Trail or a Chick-fil-A Greenway in our future?

It would be possible under SB 268, that advanced in the Senate on Monday and would allow family-friendly sponsors to pay for naming rights and advertising on state trails and greenways.

The vote on the proposal was postponed in the Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee after witnesses testified on both sides.

It is the bill's third and last committee stop before the Senate floor.

Proponents say the bill would allow for more money and better maintenance at state parks.

Opponents argue that people go to nature trails to be at peace and away from advertising.

“I am a trail user and enjoy the unblemished nature. I will be turned off by the sight of advertisements of products that I see a hundred times a day almost everywhere I look, but not on the trail, said John Outland, a Tallahassee resident.