State Politics

Local pastor detours into politics during opening prayer

The Senate’s opening prayer today kept a religious theme, while also touching on a few political caveats, according to The News Service of Florida.

The Rev. Don Roberts, president of Goodwill Industries for Manatee and Sarasota counties, followed a Holy Week religious theme in mentioning that many bills “remain hung upon a cross” while others may “experience the miracle of resurrection,” in the session’s closing days, it reported.

He also derided Florida’s education system as basically being “the tallest midget in the class,” while Florida’s tax system remains “mired in 19th century purgatory,” he said, according to the report.

“Our economy sucks, if you will excuse the expression, Lord,” Roberts told a generally hushed Senate, then gave thanks for legislative term limits.

Roberts concluded by wishing well those celebrating Passover and Easter.

“And finally, to our atheist colleagues, we simply say, ‘Good luck,’ ” Roberts was quoted as saying.