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LEGISLATURE BRIEFS House delays debate 911 call releases

TALLAHASSEE — A House committee is delaying discussion of a bill that would dramatically limit public access to 911 emergency calls.

Dubbed the “Tiger Woods Relief Act” by an opponent, the measure (PCB GAP 1003) would prohibit the release of recorded 911 calls. It would allow access to transcripts, but only after 60 days.

Debate was scheduled to begin Wednesday, but the committee ran out of time.

Supporters say the measure is necessary because callers deserve privacy during a traumatic event. Opponents say public access ensures oversight of emergency service and police departments.

Florida Senate passes ban on gun fund raids

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Senate has passed a bill that will force lawmakers to keep their hands off a trust fund that covers the costs of the state’s concealed weapons permitting program.

The bill (SB 1158), a top priority for the National Rifle Association, passed Tuesday. It now goes to the House where a similar measure (HB 651) has cleared committee and awaits floor action.

The Legislature recently has been raiding trust funds, earmarked for specific purposes, to help cover shortfalls in general.

House panel votes against residential sprinklers

TALLAHASSEE — A House committee wants to extinguish a proposed rule that would require fire sprinklers in many newly constructed homes. The House Governmental Affairs Policy Committee voted unanimously Wednesday for a bill that would block state building officials from requiring sprinklers in new one- and two-family houses and townhouses.

— Herald wire reports