Covering Manatee’s delegates at the DNC: Cherea Hatcher

If sharing a hometown with nearly 8.5 million people taught me anything, it’s how to move through tons of people and still effectively handle business.

Among the anticipated 50,000 attendees, following the Florida delegation at the Democratic National Convention closely this week will be me: Cherea Hatcher, a New York-bred, Temple University-trained reporting intern for the Bradenton Herald.

I was chosen as one of 20 students to participate in an innovative special topics course pairing us with top news outlets from around the country. I applied for this course as a graduating senior; this reporting experience will be an invaluable test of my skills and a rite of passage into the fast-paced, non-sleeping world of professional journalism.

During the convention I plan to keep my eyes, ears and camera lens open. I will be live tweeting, snapchatting, and periscoping to give you all the on the ground experience as if you were there.

Quick, grab your phone and follow me on Twitter @ChereaMHatcher, Snapchat (CMHCoverage) and my Periscope, which uses my twitter name.

I plan to closely follow the convention schedule of events, but I will also keep an eye out for protests addressing Bernie Sanders, climate change and trade agreements.

The convention committee has also set up Flickr account with photos the public and press may use freely. While I may explore those for moments I miss gathering other material, I plan to produce all original content.

Interact with me during the convention via whatever platform works best for you. Let me know what issues are important to you and your community. What do you want me to keep a close eye on?

If my research has led me in the right direction, I should already know most of the answers to those questions.