Bradenton Beach ousts controversial mayor

BRADENTON BEACH — Bradenton Beach Vice Mayor Jack Clarke is the city’s new mayor-elect by a razor-thin margin.

According to the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections Michael Bennett, 50.84 percent of voters wanted a recall of Mayor William Shearon.

Clarke received 51.68 percent of votes, just 13 more than Shearon.

Clarke held a gathering with his wife, Karen Clarke, and supporters at Island Time Bar and Grill, 111 Gulf Dr. S., Bradenton Beach, to await results. Later in the evening, while results were still unofficial. the vice mayor received a concession call from Shearon.

“I’m very pleased,” Clarke said. “I’m most pleased that we finally got to the point where the people made the choice, so we didn’t have to horse around with the forfeiture.”