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Carlos Beruff ready to fill in for Marco Rubio at Republican National Convention

If U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio doesn't want to speak at the Republican National Convention in next month, Carlos Beruff is more than ready to take his slot.

Other U.S. Senate candidates and prominent Republicans have announced they are not going to attend the convention next month in Ohio. Rubio has suggested he too may not attend so he can campaign for re-election.

But Beruff said on Monday in a statement he's more than ready to speak out at the convention for Trump if Rubio will not.

"I’m happy to take Marco Rubio’s slot at the Republican National Convention because I’m not ashamed of Donald Trump as our nominee," Beruff said. "Trump is motivating voters across Florida and the country who have felt ignored by the Republican and Democratic establishment alike. He’s looking to shake up Washington and I’m behind him 100 percent."

It's just the latest attempt by Beruff to align himself with Trump. Beruff, a businessman who is mostly self-funding his campaign, has spent much of his campaign trying to present himself as an anti-establishment candidate.

"The career politicians in Washington are always afraid to lose power and candidates like Trump and myself challenge their authority," Beruff said.