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Marco Rubio: Christianity faces 'real and present danger' from same-sex marriage rhetoric

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio warned in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network that Christianity faces a "real and present danger" from same-sex marriage supporters who cast opponents as prejudiced.

"We are at the water's edge of the argument that mainstream Christian teaching is hate speech, because today we've reached the point in our society where if you do not support same-sex marriage, you are labeled a homophobe and a hater," Rubio told David Brody, according to an interview the network posted Tuesday.

"So what's the next step after that? After they're done going after individuals, the next step is to argue that the teachings of mainstream Christianity, the catechism of the Catholic Church, is hate speech," the Florida senator continued. "And that's a real and present danger."

Rubio, who is Roman Catholic, believes in traditional marriage between one man and one woman. A lawyer by training, Rubio has said there is no constitutional right to same-sex marriage, though he has said the decision to legalize those unions should be left up to states. He has also run counter to some social conservatives by saying sexual orientation is something people are born with.