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No fans allowed as Rick Scott, Charlie Crist debate for final time

JACKSONVILLE -- Gov. Rick Scott and challenger Charlie Crist will meet Tuesday for their third and final debate. And the rules are clear - there will be no fans tonight.

When former Gov. Crist's fan wasn't stealing the spotlight in the previous debate, the two did manage to trade barbs over Florida's minimum wage, education, job creation and Obamacare.

More of that, and less of the fan flap, is anticipated Tuesday night in Jacksonville, as the gubernatorial campaign enters its final weeks ahead of Nov. 4, Election Day.

Around 500,000 Floridians have already cast ballots for November general election. The governor may have a slight edge over Crist, as about half of all ballots cast have been from Republicans, according to election officials.

Both Scott and Crist have stuck to their talking points during the campaign: Scott touting job creation and Crist saying Scott favor's big business over ordinary citizens.

Expect that to continue tonight.

"Any misstep at the debate or any triumph at the debate could be pivotal to one of these guys getting in the governor's mansion," said CNN's Jake Tapper, who is moderating the debate. "Both of these guys are pretty good at not answering questions when they want to. That's going to be my challenge: to politely get them to do so."