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Holmes Beach candidates at a glance

Holmes Beach candidates at a glance


Candidate: Bob Johnson.

Age: 71.

Political experience: None.

Professional experience: Graduated from West Point and worked in key logistics and facilities operations support management assignments and later as a logistics advisory team leader. Has background in information technology

Family: Married with 4 children

Candidate: David Zaccagnino

Age: 44.

Political experience: Holmes Beach Commissioner for nine years.

Professional experience: Financial adviser for Ameriprise Financial.

Family: Married with three children.


Candidate: Marvin Grossman.

Age: 76.

Political experience: Incumbent commissioner.

Professional experience: Taught research courses and early childhood education.

Family: Married with 6 children between himself and his wife.

Candidate: Andy Sheridan

Age: 54.

Political experience: Chairman of the Holmes Beach Code Enforcement Board, vice president of the Key Royale Resident Owners Association, attended city meetings since 2008.

Professional experience: A trolley driver on Anna Maria Island. Business background ranges from bank management to sales and transportation management.

Family: Married.

Candidate: Judy Holmes Titsworth.

Age: 51.

Political experience: Chairwoman of Holmes Beach Commission.

Professional experience: Licensed Realtor with background in building and design industry.

Family: Married with three children.