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LeMieux tops straw poll of East Manatee Republican Club members

PERIDIA -- George LeMieux took 60 percent of the votes in a straw poll of members of the East Manatee Republican Club today of who they support to be the GOP nominee to face incumbent U.S. Senator Bill Nelson.

LeMieux and Mike McCalister were the only two GOP hopefuls who who attended the meeting. McCalister received 34 percent of the votes.

Connie Mack and Marelena Stuart are two other Republican hopefuls who were invited but did not attend the meeting. Mack received 6 percent of the votes.

Sixty two members of the club attended the forum and question and answer session at Peridia Golf and Country Club.

LeMieux and McCalister never went after each other, and in fact occasionally applauded the other, and reserved their firepower for Nelson and President Barack Obama.

Florida GOP voters will choose their nominee to face Nelson in a primary Aug. 14.