Two cars, a shooting and a crash into a living room: Here’s what NC cops say happened

The chase ended with a car smashed into a house, narrowly missing the people inside, and the drivers of two vehicles taken to the hospital, one with a gunshot wound, police and media reports say.

The two men knew each other and “were involved in a dispute” before the car chase began, according to Asheville, North Carolina, police.

One man shot the other in the leg, police said, and then they got into separate cars and the man who fired the gun chased the other. The chase ended on Johnston Boulevard when the alleged shooter rammed the back of the other car, sending it into a home, police said.

Sitting in his West Asheville living room, Andy Ferrell told WLOS he was “just watching TV, and, all of a sudden, there was a bunch of commotion at this intersection, and then the next thing I knew a car crashed right into the house here.”

“Louder than anything I’ve heard in recent memories. There’s just kind of a loud sound and some tires screeching, glass breaking, and then it was just like a grenade or something at the house,” Ferrell told the TV station.

The two drivers were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, but no one else was hurt, police said.

The investigation into the incident continues, WHNS reports, and police have not said what charges the two men will face.

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