YouTuber who rapped ‘mama knew I was a pimp’ faces pimping charges, Calif. cops say

A Los Angeles YouTube rapper who sings music “glorifying pimping” is accused of using social media to lure young women into human trafficking, according to authorities in Southern California.

Angel Ortiz Diamond, 31, was arrested last week on felony charges of pimping and pandering an 18-year-old woman in Orange County, Anaheim police said Monday in a news release. He has pleaded not guilty and is being held at the Orange County Jail, authorities said.

Diamond is known as Benjiboy Staccs on social media — including on YouTube, where he has a relatively modest following, and on Instagram, where his now-private account has just under 37,000 followers.

Investigators said reports from a relative of the 18-year-old Orange County woman launched the investigation into Diamond. Authorities said “Diamond has posted numerous videos to YouTube with songs glorifying the pimping subculture.”

The Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force is asking for the public’s help to find more possible victims of Diamond, with investigators accusing him of using “his social media following to meet young women in clubs, and ultimately lure them into the human trafficking circuit.”

The investigation into Diamond has been underway for three months, KABC reports.

Sgt. Daron Wyatt told KABC in an interview that Diamond would “take an entourage with him, a lot of money, flashy cars” and “sidle up to these young, 18-year-old females, lure them in and then ultimately start prostituting them.”

Police said the victim, whom Diamond met at a Los Angeles County 18-and-over club, ran away to live with him and is not cooperating with investigators, KABC reports.

In one 2-minute YouTube clip — the “Official Music Video” to his song “Pimp” — Diamond sings that “I done pimped across the globe.” That video is linked to in the bio of his Instagram profile.

The video has been viewed just under 700 times as of Tuesday afternoon. It shows the rapper at the top of what appears to be an empty parking garage with a white Porsche.

“All I want to do is pimp,” Diamond sings in the video. “Mama knew I was a pimp. Daddy knew I was a pimp. All I want to do is pimp. Pimp, pimp, pimp, pimp.”

Police said anyone who has been exploited by Diamond, or knows someone who has, should call Anaheim Police Sgt. Juan Reveles at 714-765-1829.

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