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Paris attacks prompt beefed up security at U.S. airports

TAMPA -- The Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration began working together last week after the Paris attacks to safeguard airports.

Security officials say no specific threats have been made and all of the moves are precautionary for domestic and international flights.

TSA has increased the number of random searches it performs on passengers. Those ususally happen right in the security lines but can also be conducted at the gate before boarding a flight.

Passengers may also have carry on bags searched at the gate as the number of random bag searches has increased. And the TSA also is looking at airports that are the last points of departure, either coming into the U.S. or leaving for other countries. Authorities are checking security measures at those airports to determine if they are strong enough.

These changes in security come after another round of big changes last July, that is when many overseas airports stepped up security measures for flights headed to the U.S. Those security measures remain in place.

Homeland Security officials say public awareness, support and participation are essential to preventing a security breach.