What a nickel-a-gallon buys

MANATEE — The county has completed the projects using money generated from a nickel-a-gallon gas-tax increase that took effect in 2007:

n 53rd Avenue West from 47th Street West to 75th Street West (resurfacing) — $184,000 from gas taxes

n Riverview Boulevard from 61st Street Northwest to 71st Street Northwest (resurfacing) — $114,848

n Tuttle Avenue from Tallevast Road to South Oak Grove Circle (resurfacing) — $139,438

n 49th Street East from U.S. 41 to 1100 block (resurfacing) — $157,675

n Ellenton-Gillette Road Palm View (resurfacing) — $300,000

n Mill Run East from State Road 64 East to 137th Street East (resurfacing) — $92,785

n 19th Street East from 38th Avenue East to 44th Avenue East (resurfacing) — $80,420

n 21st Street East from 63rd Avenue East to northern terminus (resurfacing) — $77,208

n West Country Club Drive from 7000 block to 7600 block (resurfacing) — $106,806

n 26th Street West from Orange Circle Drive to 30th Avenue West (resurfacing) — $360,000

n Moccasin Wallow Road from Buffalo Road to Interstate 75 (resurfacing) — $305,000

n 119th Street West from Cortez Road to Harbor Landings (resurfacing)— $100,000

n Seventh Avenue Drive West from 51st Street West to 59th Street West (resurfacing) — $150,000

n Eighth Avenue Drive West from 51st Street West to 59th Street West (resurfacing) — $150,000

n Fourth Avenue Circle Northwest/47th Street Northwest (resurfacing) — $115,000

n Lena Road from Landfill Road to southern terminus (resurfacing) — $150,000

n 47th Street West at Manatee Avenue West (drainage) — $496,666

n 63rd Avenue East at Seminole Gulf Coast Railroad (crossing improvements) — $500,000

n Rye Road at Upper Manatee River (bridge replacement) — $1,528,876

n Sidewalks (countywide)— $379,996

n Intersections (countywide) — $500,000

n Major resurfacing (countywide) — $243,239

n Minor resurfacing (countywide)* — $1,085,087

n Resurfaced areas include: 29th Avenue West, Broadmoor Pines area, 66th Avenue West, Covered Bridge Crossing, 39th Street East (Palmetto), Fourth Avenue West at 41st Street West, 10th Street West (Palmetto), 21st Street East at Whitfield Avenue.