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No one hurt in car fire near mobile home in Bradenton

BRADENTON -- A smoking car steering wheel turned into a fire that engulfed a vehicle within seconds but was put out before it did much damage to nearby homes, according to the Bradenton Fire Department.

Gabby Merino, 17, said she was getting into her car around 8 a.m. in the Manatee Mobile Home Park on 22nd Street East in Bradenton. When she turned the car on the steering wheel immediately started to smoke, she said.

She got her younger brother out of the car and told her family to get out of the house, which the car was parked beside. Merino said almost the second everyone was outside the car, it started to catch fire.

"Fire started to come out of it, and it happened so fast, flames were just everywhere," Merino said.

The entire car was engulfed in the fire, and it started to pass to the front of the house when the Bradenton Fire Department arrived to put it out.

The fire is believed to be the result of mechanical issues, according to the fire department.

No one was injured.