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Two men charged in spree of attempted vehicle burglaries in Sarasota

SARASOTA -- Two men were arrested and charged with attempted burglary of several vehicles in Sarasota on Wednesday, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office.

Officers were observing Jessie Himes, 30, and David Newman, 24, on Wednesday near Arlington Park in Sarasota due to a tip that the two were committing burglaries, according to an arrest report.

Deputies observed Himes go up to several driveways on foot while Newman circled the area on a bicycle. Deputies said it appeared that Himes was trying to open vehicles as Newman acted as a lookout.

The two traveled west on Arlington Street, south on Jefferson Avenue and west on Hillview Street, the report said. On north Hillview Street, deputies said they saw Himes reaching into a vehicle's open driver's side door.

Deputies pulled up near the vehicle and Himes tried to run, but stopped after deputies identified themselves, according to a report. Newman was found nearby and also arrested.

Himes told deputies he had tried to break into several vehicles, and that Newman had been acting as a look out, the report said. The owner of the vehicle that Himes had opened said nothing was taken from his car and that he wanted to press charges.

Both Newman and Himes are charged with attempted burglary. Himes has 28 prior arrests including multiple burglary charges, carrying a concealed weapon and grand theft. This is Newman's eighth arrest for similar crimes.