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Vin Mannix: How not to begin your retirement

Hello again, everyone. It's good to be back with you.

My thanks to colleague and fellow retiree Carl Nudi for his yeoman's work in Nudi's Neighbors during my hiatus.

So how's retirement going?

Better now than when it started out.

Almost overdid it with the honey do's, if that's possible.

Early on, I promised my wife, Sherri, I'd power wash around our house. You don't need to do it all at once, she said.

Did I listen? Nah.

Power washed the sidewalks, the driveway, the garden wall, the gutters, the pool deck, all in a couple of days.

Guess who's been seeing chiropractor Mark Lewis ever since?

That wily ol' stork just made its second trip for Caitlen and Tyler Murrell, who named son Graham's baby sister, Isla Faye. A pretty name.

Braden Castle resident Forrest Bone, director of Tin Can Tourists, a vintage trailer and motor coach club, will be in DeFuniak Springs to give a presentation to the Florida Chautauqua Assembly on the history of Tin Can Tourists.

It's part of a four-day event, "From the River to the Rocket: A Journey into the World of Transportation." A retired teacher and coach from Dearborn, Mich., Forrest and wife, Jeri, will travel to the Panhandle in their 1948 Spartan Manor vintage trailer.

Christina Jefferson is 20. Much love from Grandma Francine Jefferson, Uncle Reggie Dawes and the family.

"She is my sunshine," Grandma said.

Even with spring training nigh, Trevor Gooby has a little more on his mind than baseball. The Pirates senior director of Florida operations is a lifelong Patriots fan and tweeted: "I'm going to ARIZONA. SUPER BOWL. HAVE to be there."

It's 44 years of wedded bliss for Sue and Terry Longpre, who joked, "I have no idea how she has put up with me for that long."

Well done to Mike Wilder, longtime Manatee County educator, who finished the recent Goofy Race-and-a-Half Challenge, a two-day event over 39.3 miles through four Walt Disney World theme parks. The first day was a half-marathon, the second a full marathon. Mike teaches math at Nolan Middle School.

Lee Middle School seventh-grader and trombonist Danielle Hunter is 13. Her proud family are parents John and Denay, brother Marc and grands Joe and Joanne.

Shake Pit's Bob and Debbie Crowe visited Tahiti and Bora Bora for the

holidays. Niiice.

Sally Tomi is 98 years young.

After judging a competition last Friday at the Manatee County Fair with Jason McKendree, cattle ranch manager for Schroeder Manatee Ranch, he raved about the fair's Whip Popping Contest. Watching the kids compete would be a blast, he said. Be worth your while to check it out. So I drove up the next day and ... there was no whip popping to be found anywhere. Then a member of the sponsoring Manatee County Cattlemen's Association straightened me out: "It's next Saturday." Hmmm.

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