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Commentary: Get the most money for old IT equipment

Spring is almost here and that means spring cleaning of your server room. If you upgraded your network to take advantage of the tax savings last year or are thinking about some improvements this year, follow the steps below to get the most money for your older equipment.

Get multiple bids. When selling IT equipment, always start with getting competitive offers. You may have someone who sells you all your equipment, but they may not offer the best price to buy it back. The best companies will have a large customer base and will specialize in that brand and model. If your buyer has to worry about not being able to sell it, they will reduce the price they are willing to pay.

Do a physical audit. The more information you can provide to the group bidding on your equipment, the higher their estimate. Every piece counts, so make sure you note the specific part numbers for all additional cards and upgraded components. If you have a large amount of equipment, you will want to either take pictures or have vendors come in and do their own audit.

Consider splitting up your equipment. Depending on the age of your equipment, the bare bones servers and networking devices may not have much resell value. You may be able to get the same price from buyers for the components inside the equipment and then sell the rest to a recycler. Removing the heavier containers also will reduce the shipping cost of the components and that will increase the amount companies are willing to pay for it.

Buy and sell at the same time.

Just like when you are buying a car, IT equipment dealers will offer you a better price if they know they are also making money from selling you equipment.

Follow these four steps and you will get the most out of your old IT equipment.

Stephen Jaynes, Vice President of Sales at xByte Technologies, can be reached at or (941) 358-9770.