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Let’s give thanks for technology

It’s that time of year, when we all should give thanks to our family, friends, and technology. Listed below are the top five technologies that will be included in my thanksgiving wishes this holiday season.

5. Air Conditioning

Yes, it keeps people cool in the Florida summers, but it also keeps IT equipment cool all year round. Without this critical component, server rooms and IT warehouses around the country would be turned into giant ovens. When speaking with IT suppliers or hosting providers, make sure you ask about their air conditioning.

4. Video Conferencing

Employees can now be anywhere in the world, but communicate with people in the company like they are in the next cubicle. Place a monitor and video camera in the conference room and now you have a virtual seat for meetings. It may appear “Max Headroom” like, but any growing business can’t live without it.

3. Multi-core processing and virtualization

CPU technology has advanced to a point where you can run hundreds or thousands of virtual machines from a single physical machine. Although it takes a little more infrastructure and setup to run virtual servers, the ease of management and lower costs make up for it. AMD just launched a new 16 core CPU that can support 384GB of memory pushing virtual technology to new limits.

2. Cloud Computing

I don’t think there is a more overused techie term in 2011 than “cloud computing.” Everyone is going to the cloud. While I am not completely drinking the Kool-Aid, I love the idea of offloading infrastructure to someone else. I am thankful for virtualization making infrastructure management easier, I am more thankful for cloud computing making it someone else’s problem.

1. Wireless Connectivity

We can now check email, pay bills and connect with customers using a cell phone from anywhere in the world. People in the warehouse can access critical bin location information as they walk around. Maps, directions, and re-calculated directions are sent to GPS devices in a variety of voices. You can even print wirelessly from your phone. Wires are so 20th century.

As you sit down for turkey and football, think back on the year and give thanks the technology that has changed your life.

Stephen Jaynes, Vice President of Sales at xByte Technologies, can be reached at or (941) 358-9770.

Stephen Jaynes, vice president of sales at xByte Technologies, can be reached at or 941-358-9770.