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Miller, Taylor, Lovens in shuffleboard Hall of Fame

At the Hall of Fame Banquet in Fort Pierce last month, three Southwest Coast District shufflers were inducted to permanent membership. Earning 200 Florida points last season were Paul Miller, Judy Taylor and Betty Lovens.

Paul Miller played as a young man but never entered Florida tournaments until the early 1990s. Playing at Bradenton in his first tournament, the National Singles, using a borrowed cue, Paul placed second in the Main Event, second only to Glen Peltier, and became Instant Pro. Thus, he was never eligible to play in any amateur tournament. Paul won the Florida Masters in 2004.

Judy Taylor became an instant pro in 2004. She has won both the Southwest Coast District and Florida Masters. A gracious winner with lots of wins, her rise has been meteoric.

Betty Lovens won the Amateur Masters in 1999. Playing often with her sister, Marty Reiter in both district and Florida competition, she has won many prizes and honors. This column salutes these three from our district.

Other inductees this year include Landy Adkins of the Southern District, Ruth Brown of the Central District and Sheri Weese of the Central East Coast District. The picture of each will hang in the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame in Sebring in perpetuity.

Tournament results

n FL P-l8A Jan. 31 at Zephyrhills Betmar: Ladies Main 3. Erika Berg-Joyce Marquis. Also Jan. 31 FL A-15 at Bradenton Tropical Palms, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. Main 1. Tom Kase-Phil Booher, 2. Ralph and Carol Butcher, 3. Vern Wallingford-John Ed Boley, 4. Margaret Hartzler-Hank Hoekstra. Consolation 1. Bob Kendall-Birl Sparks, 2. Terry and Patty Howell, 3. Charlie Hearn-Mae Kase, 4 Marion Erwin-Del Schram.

n Feb. 3 at Bradenton Shuffle Club, SWCD P-15 Men Main. 1. Clare Mitchell-Mac Frazier, 2. Ira Snook-Robert Zielinski, 3. Al Nuttall-Dwayne Cross, 4. Ben Coy-Larry Taylor. Consolation 1. Jim Miller-Faren Van De Grift, 2. Mike Marquis-Don Hendrickson, 3. Dave Kudro-Levi Miller, 4. Dennis Wood-Ron Gochenour. Ladies Main 1. Marilyn Everett-Judy Taylor, 2. Marie Hunter-Lois Wegner, 3. Marlene Coburn-Shirley Riopelle, 4. Luelen Coughlin-Alice Barlow. Consolation 1. Arlene McCague-Gloria Hollander, 2. Erika Berg-Emma Searcy, 3. Ione Fowler-Dianne Leonard, 4. Sue Minnich-Joyce Marquis.

n Feb. 7 FL P-19 Men at Zephyrhills Shuffle Club: Men Main 4. Larry Taylor-Dwayne Crosss. Winters Park Ladies Main 1. Judy Taylor and Partner.

n Also Feb. 7 FL A-16 at Paradise Bay State Tournament for Amateurs. Main 1. Bonnie Walker-Gene McCullough, 2. Jim Rathburn-Larry Toole, 3. Jean Wilson, Jr.-Francis Jarvis, 4. Elmer Heisler-Steve Biscotine. Consolation 1. Bob Kendall-Birl Sparks, 2. Don Sprague-Al Kaleel, 3.Ralph and Carol Butcher, 4. Sherman White-Bill Faudree.

Future tournaments

n Today is the second day of FL P-20A at Golf Lakes and P-20B at Leesburg. FL A-17, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles begins today at Golf Lakes, a golden opportunity for earning move-up points locally.

n Thursday is District Rain Date for any rained-out tournament this season.

n Feb. 21 is FL P-21A at Trailer Estates (DeSoto Doubles) and P-21B at Melbourne Tropical Haven. Also FLA 18A at Hawthorne near Leesburg and A-18B at Sebring.

n Feb. 24 is SWCD P-17 at Bradenton Tropical Palms, M/L Doubles, Restricted to State Ams and Pros. Feb. 25 is SWCD A-14 at Tropical Palms, District Ams/Any Doubles/

n Feb. 28 is FL-P22A at Hawthorne and P-22B at Lee County. Also Feb. 29 is FLA-19 at Sebring.


“The 6th Annual Challenge” at Clearwater on Friday and Saturday, March 18-19, begins at 9 a.m. Registration is $8 at 8:30 a.m. Lunch available. Divisions: Pro and Amateurs, Canadian and American. No consolation. Pays eight places in Main Event. Six (10 frame) games on Friday to qualify for Saturday. CAN-AM Rules available, call (727) 321-5770 or (727) 934-4339. A non-sanctioned tournament, no points.

Happy shuffling!

John Brown, can be reached at 756-8548.