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Highlighting your favorite pics

Your own photos can be displayed on your computer’s desktop or used as a screensaver. With your photos stored on the hard drive, it is very easy to set options so that you can enjoy them while you work. If you have never used this feature before, follow these steps to set it up.

First, you need to have photos stored in your computer. Use an e-mail download from a trusted source or a cable from your camera to save photos to your Pictures file. Photos saved on a disc or flash drive also are easily transferred to your Pictures file.

To set your wallpaper or background photo, right click on your desktop or go through the control panel and “Display” or “Personalize.” Go to the tab or heading for “Desktop.”

This screen will allow you to change the background on your desktop. Click on “Browse” to find the photos you have saved. In the column on the left, click on Pictures. Here you might have to open folders in order to find the photo you like most. Select your favorite photo and click “Open.” Back at the desktop screen, you may have to change the position option so that the photo is displayed best. Finally, click “Apply” and “OK” in order to set this photo onto the desktop.

Even more fun is using your photo collection as a screen saver. I love to save the photos others send me of their families, then find them scrolling across my screen when I return to my computer. Go to “Start” then “(My) Pictures.” Click on files to see the contents. Delete any unwanted photos. You can transfer photos to files separate from “(My) Pictures” if you don’t want them included in the screensaver.

Now go back to the desktop and right-click on the background of the desktop again. Select Properties or Personalize, then select the tab or heading “Screen Saver.” There you will see a box with a dropdown menu (click on the down arrow). Select “My Pictures Slideshow” or simply “Pictures.” Next, click on settings to customize. There are options for the speed of the slideshow, size of the photo and transitioning effects. If you chose, you can use the arrow keys any time during your screensaver slideshow to move forward and back through the photos. This is very handy when bragging to friends. Back at the Screen Saver box, determine the wait time from your last click or keystroke to when the screen saver starts. Be sure to click on “Apply” then “OK” in order to set your choices.

Also from the Screen Saver box, take a look at your “Power” selections. Here you determine when your computer goes into standby or hibernation for power conservation. Again, “apply” your choices before exiting. Enjoy those photos.

Patty Harshbarger, owner of Computer Renaissance in Bradenton, can be reached at or (941) 753-8277.