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VIN MANNIX column | Where to go if hurricane pays us visit?

The e-mail was stern.

We have not received your Employee Locator Form, it said.

Uh, oh.

It’s a questionnaire we receive early every hurricane season.

The bosses want to know what your plans are in case a Category 1 through Category 4 storm has us in its crosshairs.

There are checkboxes to indicate whether we would:

n Leave town.

n Stay at home until the storm passed.

n Be on team duty prior to and during the storm.

The form didn’t mention a Category 5 hurricane.

I think they already know the answer.

See ya!

One other question was:

Where will you go if told to evacuate?

A few years ago, just for fun, I wrote down:

The Railway Tavern.

It’s my favorite little pub in Ireland, perched above Tralee Bay in the village of Camp in County Kerry.

A safe haven, indeed.

Of course, that’s when I was single and I only had to worry about me.

Now I’m married.

So I called my wife, the real brains on our team, to ask her where we’d go in case of a hurricane.

She said let’s talk about it at dinner.


It’s the annual question.

Where would you go?

Folks have given me a bunch of different destinations whenever I’ve asked them.

A sister’s house in Merrit Island.

A son’s place in Fort Pierce.

A family cabin in Tennessee.

I remember one old gentleman I’d have breakfast with at Popi’s III on Saturday mornings, talk about how he’d head to his son’s property in Arcadia.

Which is what he did when Hurricane Charley showed up down the coast in 2004.

The storm ran him down.

He made it OK, but his car was buried in debris.

Another acquaintance recalled how his sister bolted Sarasota for Birmingham, Ala., and still got caught by Hurricane Ivan that year.

Where are you going to go? he said.

Good question.

You’re darned if you do, darned if you don’t.

So where would I go?

I left the space blank.

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