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NFL lockout? Better enjoy today’s game

So who are you rooting for today?

Me? Saints.

After what New Orleans has been through since Hurricane Katrina, I believe most NFL fans feel the same way.

Yet here it is, the high holy day of Football Americana, and what looms over Super Bowl XLIV?

A lockout in 2011.

The likelihood has been described in apocalyptic terms.

A national calamity.

An American sporting disaster.

Give me a break.

I obsess as much as the next NFL fan, but there have been many a Sunday I realized I just wasted a beautiful afternoon.

Let the NFL take its bloated football and go home.

I’ll go to the beach on fall Sundays and read.

Or go bike riding in Myakka.

I can do without the NFL and its arrogance.

Its corporate bullying, too.

Like citing copyright infringement and going after New Orleans entrepreneurs printing up $20 “Who Dat?” T-shirts.

When, in fact, “Who Dat?” was a chant that originated in minstrel shows in the late 1800s.

A little before the NFL’s time.

What overkill.

What greed.

Given our prevailing economic climate, the idea of an NFL lockout makes me laugh at this so-called struggle for survival.

Billionaire owners vs. mega-millionaire players.


If I took a side, it would be with the players.

Playing such a punishing game, they should get every last dime they can while they can.

As for NFL owners?


NFL franchises are cash cows.

A license to print money.

How many millions or billions do they need?

Which is why I’ve never understood why shrewd businessmen like the Glazers bought Manchester United, ended up in serious debt and incurred the wrath of the venerated soccer titan’s fierce following, when they already own an NFL franchise that is revered by the region’s Bucs fans.

Or was.

Anyway, if there is a lockout in 2011 and the NFL goes away, I’ll live.

It’s only a game.

Go Saints!

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