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Store closing more than just a sign of the times

His name escapes me, but I remember his style.

The salesman was older and had a low-key manner that sold me.

He worked for DeSears Appliances at their old Palmetto store.

I was outfitting my new kitchen and spent a small fortune on it five years ago.

Oven and microwave.



He took good care of me.

That the DeSears retailer closed Wednesday after 62 years is what brings it to mind.

I’ve lived here barely a decade, yet the end of the Bradenton-based chain gives me pause.

When its Denver-based parent company filed for Chapter 11 several weeks ago, perhaps it was just a matter of time.

Still, the finality hits home.

I imagine folks feel the same who’ve lived here forever and shopped at DeSears.

Another local business gone.

A sign of the times.

Ditto for what happened to Red Hoagland GMC on the same day.

The longtime Bradenton family dealership and General Motors, mired in financial problems, parted ways.

George “Red” Hoagland said his business will stay open.

Not so for DeSears in Manatee County.

I’m not a big shopper, but when I do it, I like knowing my business is appreciated.

I’d bought a washer/dryer unit at another store, a national chain, and got a follow-up phone call whether I was satisfied.

I wasn’t.

The delivery men acted put out and couldn’t wait to leave.

Never bought any big-ticket items from that store again.

I did at DeSears.

Went back for a big-screen, high-definition TV.

The salesman who sold me the kitchen appliances was off, so I got hooked up with a young guy, a go-getter, but we didn’t close the deal that day.

When I returned, my favorite salesman was there and I wanted to buy the TV from him.

He politely said it wouldn’t be fair to his younger colleague.

DeSears got my money.

My respect, too.

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