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Concert in the grove at Mixon’s offers year-round fun

Whew — the social scene has finally slowed down for the summer. Despite the economic woes, it was a busy one for lots of people raising lots of money for good causes.

But the lull in special events means there is time to catch up on some of the fun things that happen year-round. One of the new-ish kids on the block is Mixon’s Concert in the Grove series. It’s actually been happening for about a year now, but I made it out there for the first time last Thursday night.

Dean and Janet Mixon added a covered pavilion, surrounded by a lovely little garden, behind the grove store. The Wheedles, playing a mix of classic rock, had lots of folks dancing the night away, including Judy Panipinto and John Roge.

Steve and Gloria Carberry claimed one of the prime spots in the gazebo that overlooks a small pond. They were entertaining their visiting kids and grandsons, Steve Carberry, Melissa Faust, and Devin and Kameron Boline.

Janet Mixon enjoyed a mini-class reunion of sorts when several high school buddies came out for the fun. Some of her classmates included Chris and April Costantino, Brenda Routh, Lynn Pope and Tracy Smith.

The proceeds from the 50-50 raffle benefited Matthews Wildlife Rescue and Justin Matthews brought his snake, Rose, to entice donations. The duo attracted a crowd with some folks taking their turn holding the huge snake. Sean Murphy even sat down and let Justin wrap Rose around him.

The next concert will be June 25, with music by Judge Doug Henderson’s band, GoodByEddie.

Susan Wilcox, a Florida native, has lived in Bradenton for more than 20 years. She has been active in many local organizations as a volunteer or an employee.