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Some folks look forward to June 1

The only people I can think of who look forward to the arrival of June 1 are Helen and Dewey Eason.

It’s their anniversary, and Monday will mark 53 years of marital bliss.

Or, as ol’ Dewey has been known to joke:

“We got married the first day of hurricane season — and it’s been stormy ever since.”

My apologies to Helen.

It will probably not be the only tropical weather-related levity we hear over the next six months as we keep our fingers crossed.

And our plywood, homeowner insurance policies and power generators handy.

Heard this one?

You know you’re a Floridian if you now own five large ice chests and five gas tanks.

Or you’ve stockpiled plenty of “tall white kitchen bags” so you can make your own sand bags.

Actually, I am amused in a way by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s 2009 projections:

n Nine to 14 named storms.

n Four to seven hurricanes.

n One to three of them major, packing Category 3 wallop or higher.

It will be, in NOAA’s words, a “near normal Atlantic hurricane season.”


Not in my book.

To me, normal means no storms, period.

We should be so fortunate.

That notion’s already been shot by the tropical depression that showed up off the mid-Atlantic coast Thursday.

Couldn’t wait until Monday?

Look at it this way.

If the job of NOAA and all those emergency management folks is to keep us informed and on guard for what’s happening in the tropics, they’ve got our attention.

After the close calls we’ve had since 2004 and 2005, it’s foolhardy not to be prepared.

Got the plywood drill down flat for my crib.

Have to get somebody to help me first, of course.

Soon as one of those tropical storms has Florida in its sites, up goes the plywood.

The crackhouse look never goes out of vogue this time of year.

Yes, we’re well aware of what June 1 means.

A most happy anniversay to Helen and Dewey Eason, too.

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