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Student insurance can be good alternative

As the economy continues to worsen, there are many businesses and individuals that have chosen to go without health insurance.

Fortunately, there is a way parents can obtain accident insurance for their children that is cost effective. Most public school systems contract with a student accident insurance company, which offers two or three plans to choose from. Normally, the company offers a “school time” plan that covers students during school hours and during any school-sponsored event. This plan may be expanded to 24 hours per day for an additional premium. There is usually a selection for sports that covers football, soccer, or hockey for an additional premium. Other sports, such as baseball, basketball, golf, and volleyball are considered low risk and are covered under the “school time” policy and the 24-hour policy.

The premiums are usually very low. A typical “school time” plan with up to $25,000 of medical benefits cost about $10 to $12 per year. The 24-hour coverage plan normally is about $65 to $75 per year. This is an extremely low annual premium considering the coverage. The coverage may be purchased anytime during the year. However, the coverage normally starts in August with the school year. Some companies offer a separate short term, 24-hour summer only plan for about $25 to $30 annual premium.

The plans are normally “excess coverage” which means they pay after all other insurance pays. If there is no other insurance then the plan is primary and pays first dollar coverage with no deductible.

Keep in mind this is accident only coverage, however, this is a grand alternative for children’s coverage when family health insurance no longer exists.

Robert “Bob” Fowinkle is the president of Moore, Fowinkle, & Shroer Agency in Bradenton. He can be reached at

(941) 755-2628 or at